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The Ultimate Pet Quiz

So you're into cute animals, eh? A likely story. See how much you actually know about them with this paw-some pet quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 2nd 2024

Pets are awesome, aren't they? But how much do you know about our four-legged friends, winged mates, and slithery pals? Take the quiz and prove your animal knowledge!


Which of these is NOT a real breed of dog?


There are more pet fish than pet horses. True or false?


There are more pet dogs than pet fish. True or false?


How long have humans kept dogs as pets?


In South America, guinea pigs are sometimes eaten as dinner, as well as kept as pets. True or false?


Which of these things do cats NOT have?


According to scientists, dogs like to *ahem* go to the toilet in line with the Earth's magnetic field. True or false?

u/sellingspams | reddit via giphy

What is budgie short for?


How many different types of pony are there?


Pigs actually make great pets (if you have enough space for them), and they're smarter than you might think. Which of these animals are pigs smarter than?

11/12 A rabbit

How many species of rabbit are there?

12/12 A chinchilla

At what age does a chinchilla's teeth stop growing?

Oh no! Space guinea is shocked at this score! Try another quiz?

Not bad! Space guinea isn't wildly impressed though - try a different quiz?

Good job! Space pig is pretty pleased with this score!

Woah! Hyper intelligent space pig is very impressed! Great work!