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The Ultimate Picture Quiz 2019

Have you been paying attention this year? Test your 2019 knowledge with this epic general knowledge picture quiz!

@uswnt | Instagram

What is this woman celebrating?

@lilnasx | instagram

Which one of these people wrote Old Town Road?


3/10 Which one of these people became Prime Minister in July this year?

@marvel | instagram

What symbol does Captain America have on his chest?

theverge via giphy

Which game used a black hole to advertise it's big new update?


In 2019, scientists invented a new type of pickled egg so smelly it can attract bears from over 1000 miles away. True or false?


Who's this?


Which new movie came out in November 2019? Hint…it's a Christmassy one!


Which 2019 Taylor Swift video does this picture come from?


Who is this woman? Hint – she's a sprinter, and the fastest British woman in history!

@dinaashersmith | instagram

Well, it's not the kind of high score that Dina is used to, but never mind. Try another quiz?

@dinaashersmith | instagram

Not bad! Dina reckons you can do better though – try another quiz?

@dinaashersmith | instagram

Good job! Dina is very impressed!

@dinaashersmith | instagram

Sensational result! You've done Dina proud!

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