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The Ultimate Quackity Quiz

Despite his quirky name, Quackity's an awesome Twitch streamer who definitely isn't just a cartoon duck (despite what grown-ups might think). He's more likely to be found organising raids than dabbling in the village pond. You probably know all this so we won't spend anymore time telling you about Quackity instead we've prepared this amazing quiz just for Quackity Fans.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Why don't you test your Quackity knowledge with our amazing Quackity Quiz? Here's a clue to get you started: His favourite food isn't stale bread. Top Tip: Don't give stale bread to ducks or to Twitch streamers. It can cause bloat.


Quackity is what?


2/12 What country is Quackity from?


What does Quackity study (in school)?

@quackity | Instagram

What is the name of Quackity's cat?


5/12 What language (apart from English) is Quackity fluent in?


6/12 What was Quackity's first channel about?


Where did the name Quackity come from?


What is Quackity's real name?


True or False: Quackity has never left his home town?


True or False: Quackity is representing Mexico in featherweight boxing in 2021's Tokyo Olympics?


True or False: Quackity holds the most amount of deaths on the Dream SMP server?


True or False: Quackity is a Capricorn

@quackity | Instagram

Fail: You don't know anything about Quackity

@quackity | Instagram

Pass: You know enough about Quackity to pass the Quackity test!

@quackity | Instagram

Top Marks: You are an expert in Quackity!