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The Ultimate Rubi Von Screwtop Quiz!

Rubi is probably the smartest of the gang and nothing gets in her way! But are you a Rubi expert?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 19th 2022

If you put a challenge in front of Rubi Von Screwtop, the chances are she'll not only get past it, but invent something truly amazing in the process! Why not test your knowledge of this brilliantly Beano character!? Let's give it a spin!


What colour is Rubi's hair?


Where does Rubi go to school?


What band does she play in?


What is Rubi's Dad's job?


What is her full name?


What instrument does she play?


If you chose Rubidium for question 5, you were right! But what is rubidium?


Who would she rather meet?


What is her pet hamster's name?


What would Rubi's dream job be?

Oooop! Looks like someone needs to go back to Bash Street School and take a few more notes! Why not have another go and see if you can do better! Rubi doesn't give up, so why should you?

Nice! Great effort! Rubi doesn't give up and neither should you, well done! That doesn't mean there's not room for improvement - why not have another go and see if you can get 100%?!!

Wow! Excellent work! You've got a big brain there - almost as big as Rubi's! I suppose her dad is a Professor, so maybe she's got an advantage there! But keep on trying and you'll get full marks, after all Rubi doesn't give up!

Amazing, incredible! We're speechless... You've scored full marks, you and Rubi must have a lot in common! Why not try that excellent quiz knowledge out on some of the other quizzes?