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The Ultimate Scorpio Quiz

How much do you know about this stinger of a star sign? Quick! Take this zodiac quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

If you're a Scorpio, that means you were born when the constellation Scorpius was in the sky. True or false?


What do you call someone who was born under the sign Scorpio?


Which planets rule Scorpio?


When are Scorpios born?

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The star sign Scorpio has a fire element. True or false?


Which of these POSITIVE traits do people say Scorpios usually have?


Which of these NEGATIVE traits to people say Scorpios usually have?

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Ok so question 4 was a trick question and Scorpio ISN'T a fire element - it's water. Which other star signs are water signs?


Which of these star signs do Scorpios get on best with?


Some people say Scorpio is the most what kind of sign?

Oh dear. More of an Aquarius? Never mind. Try another quiz?

Not bad - that's an OK score! Try another quiz and see if you can beat it?

Good job! Look how happy you've made this scorpion!

Great job - high score! That's one happy scorpion!ย