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The Ultimate Sea Creature Quiz

Take this amazing quiz to test your sea creature knowledge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 1st 2021

The Ultimate Sea Creature Quiz

1/7 Sea Cucumber

What is this?

2/7 Spider crab

How big can giant spider crabs grow?


Which of these statements is true?

4/7 Coral reef

What is coral?

5/7 Deep sea fish

How far below the surface can sea creatures survive?

6/7 Octopus

How many hearts does an octopus have?

7/7 narwhale

When Narwhal horns washed up on shore, what did people from the past think they were?

Crab and the word 'awesome'

Awesome! When it comes to sea creatures,you know your stuff! Well done!

Jellyfish and the words 'not bad'

Not bad! You know a bit about life under the sea, but you could always know more!

Hmm, you only know a tiny bitΒ  about sea creatures. Why not take the quiz again and see if you pick up any facts?

Angler fish and the words 'oh no'

Uh oh! You don't know much about sea creatures or life underwater, maybe you're more of a land person? Give the quiz another go and see if you can improve!