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The Ultimate Shawn Mendes Quiz

Are you a Mendes mega-fan? Put your music skills to the test with this pop-tastic Shawn Mendes quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021

Ok here we's harder than you think!

RoyalFamily | Twitter

What did Shawn say about the queen when he met her on her 92nd birthday?

ShawnMendes | Twitter

Which of these things is Shawn Mendes a huge fan of?

ShawnMendes | Twitter

Which of these songs is NOT by Shawn Mendes?


So, Shawn Mendes is Canadian. Which of these other famous singers is from Canada?

snl | giphy

Which of these lines ISN'T one of Shawn's lyrics?

ShawnMendes | Twitter

How many albums has Shawn released?

ShawnMendes | Twitter

What instruments can Shawn play?

ShawnMendes | Twitter

What is Shawn's full name?

ShawnMendes | Twitter

What did Shawn want to be when he was younger?

ShawnMendes | Twitter

This is a hard one. Which country did Shawn write the 2018 World Cup song for?

shawnmendes | twitter

Oh no! You might like his music but are you really a fan? Have another go!

shawnmendes | twitter

Not bad - but Shawn expects more! Try again!

shawnmendes | twitter

Good job! Shawn is pretty impressed!

shawnmendes | twitter

Superfan! You know pretty much everything there is to know about Shawn! Great job!