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The Ultimate Soccer Position Quiz Questions

What are you supposed to do on the football pitch, anyway?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

You're supposed to be stopping the ball going in the goal. Guess what? You're allowed to use your hands! What position are you playing?


I'd like you to stay on the edge of the pitch, zinging in dangerous crosses for someone to head in. Don't worry about defending too much. That's someone else's job.


You're doing the same duties as the last question, except I hope you're fit because I'm expecting you to run back and defend too.


Stay just in front of the defence to protect them. I'd like you to run around making tackles, intercepting passes and starting our attacks. I hope you're pretty tough.


I'd like you to play where Harry Kane plays?


I'd like to play where Ederson plays


I'd like you to play up front but keep coming back to collect the ball. It will draw players out of position and you will be able to set up goals for the other striker.


Do what Jordan Henderson does: Support the attack and defence; Spray the ball around; Make interceptions; Score the occasional goal. Oh and I'd also like you to inspire the team with your work rate.


You need to be strong to play here. Clear the ball away from goal with your head. Make sure you keep an eye on where the opponents strikers are. It'd be great if you could step up occasionally and play the opposition striker offside.


I'd like you to warm the bench with your butt. I'll bring you on if things get desperate as I know you'll probably score.

TBH you don't know much about football positions. That's ok. You just need to practice and get some game time. You'll soon get the hang of it. Until then just remember to always kick the ball towards the opposition goal and never pick it up unless you're a goalkeeper.

Not bad. You know enough to be a real asset to your team. Maybe you could even be a manager?

Get in!! You're a tactical mastermind. You know so much about Football positions I'd not be surprised to hear you're currently managing a champions league team? Hang on... You're not Jurgen Klopp are you?