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Ultimate Soccer Team Quiz!

How much do you know about the beautiful game? Test your trivia with this awesome quiz!

How many points will you score?

1/10 Miguel Almirón
@nufc | Instagram

Who is Newcastle United's highest goalscorer?

2/10 Real Madrid
@realmadrid | Instagram

Real Madrid paid  €100.7 million for which player? 

3/10 Eric Cantona
@ericcantona | Instagram

Which country did Manchester United legend Eric Cantona represent?

4/10 Mo Salah
@liverpoolfc | Instagram

How many times have Liverpool won the FA Cup?

5/10 Cardiff City's badge

Which bird is featured on Cardiff City's badge?

6/10 Steph Houghton
@stephhoughton2 | Instagram

Which team does England women's captain Steph Houghton play for?

7/10 BVB 09 badge

Which German team has the initials BVB on their badge?

8/10 Jamie Vardy
@lcfc | Instagram

What is Leicester City's nickname?

9/10 Scottish women's football team captain

Who is the Scottish women's football team captain? 

10/10 Brasil football badge

How many times have Brazil won the World Cup?

Oh no

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Good try

Good try! Why not have another go?

Great job

Great work! You're a bit of a footie fan, aren't you?


Amazing! You're a football expert! 

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