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The Ultimate Taurus Quiz!

Test your Taurus trivia with this amazing quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 25th 2021

How many points will you score?


1/10 Which of the following symbols represents Taurus?

2/10 A puzzled eagle
@uwlacrosse via Giphy

What number is Taurus in the signs of the zodiac?

3/10 The signs of the zodiac

What does Taurus mean in Latin?

4/10 A teddy bear and a pile of nappies

Taureans are born between which two dates?ย 

5/10 Taurus and the constellation of Taurus

Taurus belongs to the Earth element. True or false?

6/10 A woman crossing her fingers for luck

Which colours are said to be lucky for Taureans?

7/10 A bull in sunglasses

What is Taurus' sign ruler?ย 

8/10 A nervous man

Which of the following are said to be least compatible with a Taurus?ย 

9/10 Lucky gemstones

What is a Taurean's lucky gemstone?

10/10 David Beckham
@davidbeckham via Giphy

David Beckham is a Taurus. True or false?

Oh no

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Good effort

Good effort! Why not have another go? You might get an even bigger score!

Great work

Great work! You know a fair bit about the Taurus sign, don't you?


Wow! You're a true Taurus or just know a lot about star signs!