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The Ultimate Team GB Quiz

Take this Ultimate Team GB Quiz to see if you can bring back a Gold, Silver or Bronze for the awesome legends of Team GB.

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 11th 2022

Have you heard? Apparently, there’s a team of Olympic heroes so well trained, so disciplined, so genuinely awesome that the rest of the world trembles when they hear their name. Yes, you’ve got it. It’s Team GB. They’ve got 100m sprinters, coxless rowers, sailors, hockey legends, hammers throwers, and skateboarding kids, all ready to take on the competition at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Faster, Higher, Stronger. Three words that serve as the foundation of Olympic glory and Team GB, the world’s coolest Olympic Team. But can you compete too? How much do you know about Team GB? Who’s the fastest? Who’s the toughest? And who’s the most likely to come home with a golden medal and highly lucrative sponsorship deals? See how you do in our Ultimate Team GB Quiz.


1/20 What do Team GB represent?

2/20 A person doing a skateboarding trick

Which of these board-based sports are being contested by team GB?

@skybrown | Instagram

Who’s Team GB’s youngest team member?


And how old will she be in 2021?

5/20 A person clearly keen on doing homework

And what sport does she compete in?

@dinaashersmith | Instagram

Who’s most likely to bring home a gold medal for Team GB in the 100m?


7/20 Team GB has a famously excellent Equestrian team. What animal does each equestrian need to compete?


8/20 Millie Bright, Lucy Bronze and Fran Kirby are competing in which Team GB team sport?


Jade Jones is one of Team GB’s toughest stars. What’s her sport?


Joseph Choong is a Team GB Pentathlete. How many sports must he master?

11/20 Year 3 Maths Quiz

How many Team GB people will be playing Rugby at once?


12/20 What country is Team GB heading to in 2021?


What city is hosting the 2021 games in which Team GB will compete?

@andymurray | Instagram

In which sport is Andy Murray representing team GB?


15/20 What country is Andy Murray from?


Is Mo Farah going to Tokyo in 2021?

17/20 A goat

True or False: Team GB have a goat mascot called Eddie


True or False: Tokyo 2021 is the first year Team GB have taken more woman than men to an Olympic Games.

@laurakenny | Instagram

True or False: Inspiration cyclist Laura Kenny suffered from Asthma as a child


Jason Kenny And Laura Kenny are both Team GB Olympic cyclists and…

Did not finish. Well done for taking part.

Bronze. Awesome! Have another go to see if you can move up to silver!

Silver. Not bad but can you push yourself to the limit and go for gold?

Gold. You are the best of the best. Team GB would be proud!