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25 Question Ultimate Tennis Quiz!

How much do you know about tennis? Take a look at this ace quiz we've served up, just for you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 14th 2022

How much do you know about tennis? Are you a tennis trivia champ? Prove it by taking this tennis-tastic quiz!

1/25 A tennis racquet striking the ball

When the score is 40-40, what is it otherwise called?

2/25 Henry VIII statue with tennis racket

True or false: Henry VIII used to play tennis?

3/25 Medieval monk holding tennis racket

In medieval times, monks used to play tennis using what instead of rackets?

4/25 Map of the UK with question mark

Where is Andy Murray from?

5/25 Pile of tennis balls with ball with face

What's inside a tennis ball?

6/25 Woman's feet playing tennis with derpy goat

Who is older, Venus or Serena?

7/25 A tennis player prepares to serve the ball

What is an ace?

8/25 A tennis net

In which year did the Wimbledon Championships start?

9/25 A tennis court

The Wimbledon Championships are played on which surface?

10/25 Man playing tennis

Who won the 2019 Men's Singles at Wimbledon?

11/25 A woman standing with tennis racquet

Who, then, won the Women's Singles that year?

12/25 Andy Murray acknowledges the crowd after a win

How many times has Andy Murray won Wimbledon?

13/25 Andy Murray celebrates a point

Is Andy Murray right-handed or left-handed when he plays tennis?

14/25 Serena Williams

What shape trophy do the Ladies' Singles winner receive at Wimbledon?

15/25 A selection of fruit

What kind of fruit is traditionally served with cream at Wimbledon?

16/25 Roger Federer in action

How many points does ‘love’ mean in tennis? 

17/25 Judge Judy is not a tennis judge

What does the tennis judge shout if a player hits the ball outside the line?

18/25 Olly Murs and friend have a quick game of tennis

In a game of doubles, how many players are on the court at the same time?

19/25 Drake enjoys a game of tennis

True or false: you can score 25 points in a single game

20/25 Rafael Nadal wins the Australian Open

What is the name given to the four biggest tournaments around the world?

21/25 A tennis player throws down his racquet

Complete the following: game, set and ______!

22/25 Siberian Siren

Who was nicknamed the Siberian Siren for grunting when they hit the ball?

23/25 Rafael Nadal

As a child, Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal was also gifted at which other sport?

24/25 Roger Federer signs his autograph

Which nationality is tennis legend Roger Federer?

25/25 Roger Federer wins another trophy

How many Grand Slam titles has Roger Federer won?

Oh dear - a small tennis score for you

Oh dear! Have you been spending all your time watching the World Cup? Have another go!

Good effort – a tennis quiz

Good effort! Not bad, why not try and again and serve up even more correct answers next time!

Great stuff! Why not try and again and serve up even more correct answers next time!

A tennis trophy and tennis court

Game set and match! You're a tennis trivia ace!