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The Ultimate TikTok Dances List

Check out this awesome list for all the best TikTok Dances

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Old Town Road Dance

Song: Old Town Road by Lil Nas X You'll need a cowboy hat for this one. Or any hat will do at a pinch. This dance matches Billy Ray Cyrus's epic lyrics in the remix, so try and follow along with the actions, and you should pick it up pretty quick. There's loads of other Old Town Road inspired dances out there, so see which one's your fave!  Yeehaw. 

@joeyklaasen | Tik Tok

Finger Thingy

 It's fingers only for this one! People have been using the finger dance to show off their dexterous skills. There is actually a name for finger dancing - it's called finger-tutting, and you might have seen Taylor Swift doing it in her Shake It Off music video! There's loads of variations of this one - maybe you can even make up your own! 

Trend Tik Tok | Youtube

The Spooky Scary Skeleton Dance

Song: The Spooky Scary Skeleton Dance Undead Tombstone Remix by Andrew Gold Not actually that spooky or scary, but lots of fun, even if it's not Halloween! This dance requires you throw shapes like a skeleton with no bone control! It's one of the trickier ones but the result is amazing! Extra points if you're wearing a skeleton costume or have a pumpkin in the background.  

Best Tik Tok Compilations | Youtube

Foot Dance

Song: Oh Nanana by Bonde R300 and Kondzilla Guess which body part this uses? That's right, the elbows! Not really. The foot dance is a two person dance, also known as the Oh Na Na Na dance, it starts slow but soon picks up. It's a bit like a clapping game, but for your feet.  Channel your inner footballer with this one, and try not to accidentally kick anyone. 

@badgalriri2.0 | Tik Tok

Dont Start Now

Song: Don't Start Now by Dua LipaThis dance is to Dua Lipa's awesome track and it's taking Tik Tok by storm. It's chill and not too fast so everyone should be able to pick it up!  Charlie D'amelio is probably the most famous person to do this dance. Simple and a good one to try and compare with your mates. Apparently Dua Lipa herself is even a fan! 

@charliedamelio | Tik Tok

Shut Up Heather Dance

Song: Big Fun From Heathers The MusicalThis one's based on the musical Heathers - think Mean Girls meets the 80's. This is a three person dance -  you need a girl squad (or a boy squad - just a squad, really) The shut-up Heather dance is great for practising your lip sync skills. Bonus points if you can get more than three people in the video! 

Challenge Accepted | Youtube


Song: Lottery by K-CampRenegade is the original Tik Tok dance! Or one of them at least - if you only know one Tik Tok dance, it's probably this one. It's pretty easy to pick up after a couple of trys, it only needs one person and its loads of fun. Plus, the creator of the dance, Tik Tok user  @_.xoxlaii even got to go on Ellen and showcase her dance moves! 

@_.xoxlaii | Tik Tok

Wow, You Can Really Dance

Song: Coincidance by Handsome DancerThis is one of our faves - there are lots of ways to do this dance and let you're imagination run wild, but the one in this picture is our favourite. You'll need a pet/parent/sibling and a pair of jogging bottoms stretchy enough to get your hands into. Oh - and really good balance! Bonus: if you can't film it with a friend, why not video yourself  and put your two videos together? The magic of film! 

Tik Tok Trends | Youtube