The Ultimate Toy Story Quiz

Do you know everything there is to know about Toy Story? Really? Give this ultimate quiz a spin and find out!

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Ok, let's start off easy - how many Toy Story films are there?

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The first Toy Story came out in 1995. It was the first ever full-length computer animated film. True or false?

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Which of these is NOT a character in any of the Toy Story films?

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Who is this?

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Complete this Buzz Lightyear quote:

"To infinity and..."

Totally Random Question

How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.
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What kind of animal is Mr Pricklepants?

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What does Mr Potato Head call Mrs Potato Head when he's being romantic?

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Right this one's a bit harder. Where is Duke Caboom from?

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How would you describe Rex the dinosaur?

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What is Bo Peep made out of?

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