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The Ultimate Twenty One Pilots Quiz

How well do you know Twenty One Pilots? Find out with this pop-tastic mega-quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 23rd 2021

How much do you know about this arena-filling, dynamic music duo? Let's see how much of a twenty one pilots fan you really are by taking this quiz!

1/17 Band performing and screaming pinapple

What year was the band formed?

2/17 Children playing basketball

How did they meet?

3/17 Man playing ukulele with yellow splat

Which of these instruments does Tyler NOT play?

4/17 Fluffy chick on white background with yellow splat

What's their new album called?

5/17 Air hostess on plan with derpy giraffe

What was their first album called?

@twentyonepilots | twitter

What are their real names?

@twentyonepilots | twitter

Twenty One Pilots originally had three members. True or false?

@twentyonepilots | twitter

Which of these is NOT a song by Twenty One Pilots?

@twentyonepilots | twitter

Where are Twenty One Pilots from?

@mrjackcat | twitter

Recently the boys have started playing fans at Mario Kart during their shows. Who's best at it?

@twentyonepilots | twittertwentyonepilots | twitter

What's Josh's favourite hair colour?

@twentyonepilots | twitter

Their album Blurryface was so popular what happened? 

@twentyonepilots | twitter

What do they often wear on their heads during their live shows?

@twentyonepilots | twitter

How many albums have they released?

@twentyonepilots | twitter

What's the name of the label they're signed to?

16/17 twenty one pilots
@twentyonepilots | Instagram

The band often write their name as twenty øne piløts. True or false?

17/17 twenty one pilots
@twentyonepilots | Instagram

Who plays drums for the band?

Oh no
@twentyonepilots | twitter

Oh no! Have you heard of Twenty One Pilots?

@twentyonepilots | twitter

Good try! But you don't seem like a mega-fan - have another go?

@twentyonepilots | twitter

Nice! You know a fair bit about the band!

@twentyonepilots | twitter

Great. You're a super fan!