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The Ultimate Unspeakable Quiz

How well do you know this world-famous Youtube prankster? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 15th 2024

How much do you know about the Unspeakable YouTube channel? Let's find out with this 10 question quiz! Best known for Minecraft, Unspeakable also pulls some crazy stunts like filling his school bus with slime, filling his island house with pit balls, and extreme hide and seek. Test yourself and see if you're Unspeakable's biggest fan! And if you liked this, check out more YouTuber quizzes here! How about this ace Charlotte Dobre quiz? Or how about challenging yourself to guess the Minecraft YouTuber? You might even be in the mood for this quiz that tells you if you're more YouTube or Netflix!

1/15 Unspeakable and friends
Unspeakable | YouTube

What is Unspeakable?

2/15 Unspeakable in a ball pit

When did the channel start?

3/15 Unspeakable
Unspeakable | YouTube

What was his original gaming channel called?

4/15 A birthday cake

When is his birthday?

5/15 A bear and a pile of Lego

Which of these is he a big fan of?

6/15 A dog in a beret

Which YouTuber did he used to date?

@unspeakable | instagram

What's Unspeakable's real name?

@Unspeakable | Youtube

Which of these videos has more views?

@unspeakable | instagram

Where is Unspeakable from?

@Unspeakable | Youtube

Preston Playz is Unspeakable's nephew. True or false?

@Unspeakable | Youtube

Complete the name of this video from Unspeakable's back catalogue:DROPPING HEAVY THINGS INTO...

@Unspeakable | Youtube

Unspeakable started off making Minecraft videos. True or false?

@unspeakable | instagram

What pets does Unspeakable have?

@Unspeakable | Youtube

What video is this thumbnail from?

@unspeakable | instagram

Roughly how many subscribers has Unspeakable got?

@unspeakable | instagram

Oh dear! Not a fan then? Never mind - try another quiz!

@unspeakable | instagram

Not bad! You can do better though - try another quiz?

@unspeakable | instagram

Pretty good! Unspeakable looks impressed... honest!

@unspeakable | instagram

High score over here! Unspeakable is shocked! See, just look at him!