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The Ultimate Vegetable Quiz

Caulifowers look like brains! Play our Vegetable Quiz to test your vegetable smarts!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021
1/9 Sprouts are gross

What of these is not a true vegetable, in the scientific sense?

2/9 I yam what I yam

Which of these is a vegetable in the true scientific sense?

3/9 Pods

Which of these veg doesn’t originally come in a pod?

4/9 Sky carrot over a rainbow

Which of these veg doesn’t grow underground?


Which vegetable is named after a city in Europe? (The others are made up)

Jumanji: The Next Level | Colombia | Sony | Jake Kasdan

Subject: Vegetable nicknames. Question: Which is made up?


Whats the most popular vegetable in the world?


In 2017, how much money did The Netherlands make selling tomatoes to other countries?


Which of these statements is true?

Oh dear. You are Spouts. That is all

You are carrots. An average vegetable

You're cool as a... tomato. I think that's a saying. Whatever it is, you are the most popular of all veg: The Tomato (Maybe that's because it's secretly a fruit)