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Which Video Game Character Are You?

Find out which pixel hero you're most like by taking this highly scientific quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  August 6th 2021

Who are you most like?

1/15 Fairy house with question mark

Where do you live?

2/15 Cat and dog staring at each other with paw in the middle on white background

Do you have a nemesis?

3/15 Man on BMX with yellow splat

Pick an Olympic sport

4/15 Heap of gold coins and heart-eyes emoji on white background

Which of these would you most like to collect?

5/15 Weird looking fish with arrow

Pick a PokΓ©mon

6/15 A clothes rail

Pick an outfit!

7/15 A punk dog

What sort of hairstyle do you have?

8/15 A football player

What's your best skill?

9/15 Four fingers with different facial expressions

What's your personality like?

10/15 A sprinting leopard

How fast can you run?

11/15 Sporty young man tying shoelaces in gym and a muscular bird

Are you sporty?

12/15 Super boy and super dog in cape and mask

Do you have a sidekick?

13/15 A man giving the thumbs up

Do you have a catchphrase?

14/15 Some cool animals

What's your favourite animal?

15/15 A woman eating an ice cream cone

What do you like to eat for dessert?

Super Mario

You are: MARIO!

Is there anyone who's equally good at plumbing and video game stuff? Well, apart from Luigi... hang on a minute, it's not Super Luigi World, is it?

Untitled Goose Game
House House | Panic

You are: THAT GOOSE!

You're just like the star of the Untitled Goose Game, running and flapping around, going 'Hoooooonk!'

Tomato Head from Fortnite
Epic Games


You're the fruit-head legend from Fortnite and owner of the finest moustache in video game history. Sorry, Mario, but it's true!

Alex from Minecraft
Mojang | Microsoft Studios | Sony Entertainment

You are: ALEX!

As one of the stars of Minecraft, you're not afraid of some hard work. But creepers, on the other hand...