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The Ultimate Where Should I Move Quiz!

France fan or Bulgaria buff? Where in the world should you live? Time to probe the globe and find out with this epic personality quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 14th 2021

It’s a big world out there...  But if you had to pick just one place to live, where would most suit your personality? Ponder no more - for this ultimate quiz will reveal the answer! For more quirky quizzes, why not find out Where In The UK Should You Live or test your whereabouts wits with our Fun Geography Quiz!

1/20 A dog in a hat

Pick something to put on your head…


What would you most like to eat?


What would you most like to do on holiday?

4/20 Different colours in a red liquid

What is your favourite colour?

5/20 YouTube

Pick a YouTuber!

6/20 Annoyed man with steam coming out of his ears

What annoys you?


What sort of home would you like to have?


What scares you?

9/20 A cricket ball resting on a cricket bat

Favourite sport?

10/20 Two friends hugging

How would your friends describe you?

11/20 Japanese woman in silk Komono with umbrella

What are you most likely to wear?

12/20 Pfeiffer Beach in the USA

What view would you enjoy looking at the most?

13/20 People in a cinema

Pick a movie!

14/20 Ancient Roman statue

Which historical person would you most like to meet?


What would you have for breakfast?

16/20 Couple in Paris dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower

What job would you enjoy the most?

17/20 Cat watching TV

What TV show would you most like to binge watch?

18/20 A man listening to music

What music do you enjoy the most?

19/20 Sad horse

Pick an animal!

@arianagrande | Instagram

Who would you most like to hang out with?



You should live in ENGLAND! That's right - your spiritual home is the land of fried breakfasts, the Queen, rain and fish and chips. Jolly good show!



You should live in the USA! There's no doubt about it, you belong in the land of the brave and the home of the free. Your spiritual home is the Land of Liberty... now grab yourself a corndog and settle in!


You should live in FRANCE! Time to soak up the art, the cafés, the food and the fashion in your new spiritual home, the gallic wonderland known as La Belle France. Fantastique!



You should live in JAPAN! Your spiritual home is the beautiful land of the rising sun. Enjoy the blossom trees and get matey with some pandas. Good work!