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The Ultimate Wisp Quiz

Do you know the awesome Minecrafting god of YouTube that is Wisp? Let's hope so because you are about to do battle with a fiendish Wisp quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 6th 2021

Little known about Wisp apart from the fact that he's a mysterious, ultra-hardcore Minecrafting YouTuber. It's going to make this quiz very difficult to beat, but if you're a Wisp fan, then that's the way you'll probably prefer it!

@wisp | Instagram

What other name does Wisp go by?

@wisp | Instagram

Which of these servers has he never played on?


Why has he stopped playing on Hypixel


Which of these servers is his?


5/12 Where is Wisp from?

@wisp | Instagram

Which one of these phrases sounds like something wisp might've said more than once?


Which one of these rocks does he go on about?

@wisp | YouTube

Which of these hobbies are you most likely to find him doing?


What shape is his YouTube icon?


Which of these did Wisp invent?

@wisp | YouTube

How did Wisp kill a sheep in his video "Minecraft, But You Shapeshift Every Minute..."

@wisp | YouTube

What mob had he never seen before in the video "Minecraft, But You Shapeshift Every Minute..."

@wisp | Instagram

FAIL! Here's a tip for you: check out some amazing Wisp video's to see Minecraft being pushed to it's limits!

@wisp | Instagram

Not bad! You know a little bit about Wisp but you could do with watching a lot more YouTube!

You are a Wisp expert. You are probably a Minecraft expert too. Is there anything you haven't achieved expert level in?