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The Ultimate Zodiac Sign Quiz

How well do you know the signs of the Zodiac? Try our Zodiac Sign Quiz.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021
Descendants 3 | Disney Channel Original Productions | Disney Channel | Kenny Ortega

What star sign is described as having the following weaknesses: Distrusting, jealous, secretive

@MirandaSings | Instagram

What star sign are YouTubers Pew-die-pie, Miranda Sings, Meredith Foster


What star sign is Katy Perry?


What hobbies supposedly suit those born under the sign of Cancer?

@lionelmessi | Instagram

What sign of the zodiac was Lionel "Lio" Messi born under?

6/10 The zodiac sign Cancer

What crustacean represents the star sign Cancer?

7/10 Lion

What sign is represented by a Lion?

8/10 Squibs. Do people still say that?

What sign of the zodiac is believed to have the following weaknesses: impulsive, unreliable, two faced?

9/10 Twins. It's a clue
The Chuckle Brothers | Martin Hughes | BBC

What star sign is shared by the world leaders Donald Trump and Boris Johnson

10/10 Gulgazorp

The zodiac sign Gulgazorp is represented by what symbol?

Cloudy Future

Your future is cloudy. You don't know anything about signs of the zodiac so you'll probably be a scientist.

Your future looks promising, but you will face a difficult decision. The correct path is to do this quiz again until you get the top score.

You Star

The stars have aligned. You have scored highly. I guess you knew that already.