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The Un-soap-able Soap Prank!

Make somebody foam at the mouth with this simple soapy stunt!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 31st 2022

Washing your hands is more important than ever which makes this prank so awesome! Read on to find out how a simple bar of soap will make for a hilarious practical joke! They’ll be absolutely foaming

You will need!

A bar of soap!
Clear nail varnish!
Some newspaper – so you don't make a mess!
Some help from a grown up!

Step 1

Take a bar of soap from the bathroom when nobody's looking

Step 2

Make sure the soap is completely dry and paint it all over with the clear nail varnish. Do this bit over some newspaper and be careful with the varnish...this stuff can make a horrible mess! 

Step 3

Leave it out to dry. 10 minutes should do it!

Step 4

Sneakily place the soap back where you found it...

Step 5

Wait for someone to try and wash their hands! They can scrub all they want, but it's never going to foam up!See how long it take them to notice!