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The Where Should I Live In The US Quiz!

Florida fan or more of a Michigander? Where should YOU live in the United States? Wonder no more with this epic personality quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 24th 2024

Yep it's a pretty big country. From sea to shining sea, there's certainly a lot of ground to cover! If you had to pick just one U.S. city to call your home, which one would best suit your unique style? Get cracking and find out! For more Land of Liberty quizzes check out our U.S. State Capitals Quiz or our try our U.S. Geography Quiz!

1/20 Map of U.S. with question mark in front

Pick something to put on your head…

2/20 Hot dog with eyes and mouth

What would you most like to eat?

3/20 Pineapple in shades on a beach at sunset

What would you most like to do on holiday?

4/20 Burst of colour with eyes and mouth

What is your favourite colour?

5/20 Statue of Liberty and New York skyline with shark

Favourite weather?

6/20 Annoyed screaming woman

What annoys you?

7/20 House plonked in the middle of the desert

What sort of home would you like to have?

8/20 Man being scared with his popcorn flying out of his bowl

What scares you?

9/20 Baseball player

Favourite sport?

10/20 Three friends hugging

How do your friends describe you?

11/20 Man in cowboy hat

What are you most likely to wear?

12/20 Ariel view of New York City

What view would you enjoy looking at the most?

13/20 People in a cinema

Pick an old film to watch…

14/20 Orange juice being poured

What would you drink in the morning?

15/20 Fried English breakfast

And what would you have for breakfast?

16/20 Pineapple in glasses in front of the White House

What job would you enjoy the most?

17/20 Friends cast all gathered around coffee table
Friends | NBC | Warner Bros. TV | Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

What TV show would you most like to binge watch?

18/20 Man with guitar and cowboy hat in a field, with rubber chicken peeking out from the grass

What music do you enjoy the most?

19/20 Dog in funny rainproof coat

Pick an animal…

20/20 Demi Lovato laughing
Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated | Philymack Productions | YouTube | Sean Cooley, Jamee Ranta | Hannah Lux Davis

Who would you most like to hang out with?

New York

New York!

You should live in NEW YORK! There's no doubt about it, if anyone needs a bonus bite of the of the Big Apple it's you. Manhattan is your spiritual home. Good job!

Los Angeles

Los Angeles!

You should live in LOS ANGELES, California! Your spiritual home is the City of Angels... better get that Hollywood smile ready!



Yee-ha! You should live in DALLAS, Texas! Wether on a ranch or at a rodeo, you KNOW your spiritual home is the D-Town. Good job!



You should live in MIAMI, Florida! Slap on those shades and get yourself to your spiritual home, The 'Magic City'. Good work!