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The Where Will I Live In the Future Quiz

Where will you live in the future? Will it be a house, a cottage, a flat or a spaceship? Answer a few questions, and we'll tell you exactly where! We're very accurate, promise

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 30th 2021

Where will you live in the future? Take this fun personality test and we'll tell you exactly where you'll end up! Will it be a fancy mansion, a cool caravan, or an underwater cave? Take the quiz and find out now! The world is your oyster...or house...or something. Good luck!

1/20 Countryside field with badger and cow

Where do you live now?

2/20 Man looking distressed on pink background with Beano hamster

What do you like most about where you live?

3/20 Woman at window and sad badger

What do you like least?

4/20 Old fashioned caravan and derpy llama

Pick a style of house

5/20 1920s style woman  with arrow

Pick a time period

6/20 World map with derpy dog face

Pick a continent

7/20 Woman fanning herself with Beano flames

What's your least favourite weather?


Pick a location

9/20 Cheescake with smiling Beano cupcake

Choose a cake


Do you get homesick when you're away?

11/20 Budapest city with derpy bear

Pick a city

12/20 Girl and derpy dog with yellow splat

Who do you want to live with when you grow up?

13/20 Man annoying woman with arrow

How much personal space do you need?

14/20 Girl scientist with blackboard and question marks

Choose a number

15/20 Dog on lawn with tennis ball and screaming Beano beachball

Are you any good at sports?

16/20 Man thinking on yellow background with derpy giraffe head

Pick a dream job

17/20 Hobbit house with arrow and splat

Pick a fictional house

18/20 Pancakes and berries with yellow splats

Pick a breakfast

19/20 Woman doing shushing motion on blue background with screaming Beano cat

Do you prefer quiet or noise?

20/20 Ruby slippers on white background with Beano magic sparkles

Pick a film about homes

Result: Tropical treehouse

Tropical Treehouse!

Oooh! You're going to be living it up in a tropical treehouse! You've got a real sense for adventure, and with amazing views, right next to the beach, fresh coconuts all day, you'll be living the dream! Just watch out for those pesky crabs!

Result: Parisian Apartment

Parisian apartment!

Oooh la la! You'll be living in this very chic and stylish Parisian flat, in the city of lights! Culture, art, croissants -what more could you ask for!?

Result: New York Skyscraper

New York High rise

You'll be staying in the coolest city in the world - New York! Your swanky Manhatten pad will have the best views in the world, and you'll be just a lft (or elevator) ride away from all the pizza, hotdogs and China town cuisine you can stuff in your face!

Result: Country cottage

Countryside Cottage!

How simply splendid! You much prefer the countryside to the city, and you'll be cosying down in an idyllic cottage, far away from the hustle and bustle, where the loudest thing will be the cows mooing! Ahhh, bliss!