The Whizz Quiz - What Do You Know About Billy Whizz, the World's Fastest Boy?

Test Your Whizz Knowledge

Everybody knows Billy Whizz from Beano, but how much do you know about him?

Billy's trainers have to be specially made for him as normal shoes turn to dust after just a single day's whizzing. But what are the soles of Billy's special trainers made from?

What does Billy hate more than anything else?

Billy has a cousin who can run almost as fast as him - what is her name?

Why does Billy have only 2 hairs on his head?

What is Billy's ambition?

What symbol appears on Billy's trainers? 

What is the only thing that slows Billy down?

What is Billy's little brother called?

If Billy was a cake, what kind of cake would he be?

Who is Billy's hero?

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