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The Ultimate Billy Whizz Quiz!

Test Your Whizz Knowledge

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 22nd 2022
1/10 Billy Whizz from Beano - The Fastest Boy in the World

Billy's trainers have to be specially made for him as normal shoes turn to dust after just a single day's whizzing. But what are the soles of Billy's special trainers made from?


2/10 What does Billy hate more than anything else?

3/10 Billie Whizz, cousin of Billy Whizz from Beano

Billy has a cousin who can run almost as fast as him - what is her name?

4/10 Billy Whizz, the World's Fastest Boy, from Beano

Why does Billy have only 2 hairs on his head?


5/10 What is Billy's ambition?

6/10 Billy Whizz, the Fastest Boy In The World

What symbol appears on Billy's trainers? 


7/10 What is the only thing that slows Billy down?

8/10 The little brother of Billy Whizz, the Fastest Boy in the World - from Beano

What is Billy's little brother called?


9/10 If Billy was a cake, what kind of cake would he be?


10/10 Who is Billy's hero?

Billy Whizz from Beano, the Fastest Boy In The World

Mega! What an epic score! You're a true Whizz-kid!

Billy Whizz from Beano - gone!

Ouch! That's not a bad score, but you\re not Whizz enough to keep up with Billy! You need to get up to speed on your Whizz facts!