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The Wizards of Waverly Place Personality Quiz!

Which wizard are you most like? Find out by taking this thoroughly magical quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Izzy wizzy, let's get quizzy!

1/10 A range of seasons, from winter to autumn

What's your favourite month of the year?

2/10 Sorting hat in Harry Potter
Warner Bros

Which Hogwarts house would you belong to?

3/10 Happy kitten likes being stroked

What's your favourite kind of animal?

4/10 Magician Holding Magic Wand

What sort of spells would you cast?

5/10 Best friends taking selfie

How would your friends describe you?

6/10 Mixed colourful fruit bonbons

What's the best kind of sweet?

7/10 Labrador smelling the air

What's your favourite smell?

8/10 Opened magic book

What's your favourite book?

9/10 Cycling down a sunny path

What's the best way to spend a Saturday?

10/10 A Halloween party

How important is Halloween?

Alex Russo Wizards of Waverly Place

You are: Alex Russo!

You got Alex, which means you're cheeky and a bit sneaky!

Justin Russo Wizards of Waverly Place

You are: Justin Russo!

Our computer says you're kind, generous, smart and not afraid of working hard!

Max Russo Wizards of Waverly Place

You are: Max Russo!

You avoid homework wherever possible and love to play pranks on your friends!

Harper Finkle Wizards of Waverly Place

You are: Harper Finkle!

Our computer says that you're never late for anything and are the type of friend you can count on. You also like wearing cat bows in your hair.