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The World Map Quiz Game

It's map quiz time! You know the world, right? The big blue and green thing we live on? Exactly โ€“ but how well do you really know it? Put your skills to the test with this tricky geography quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 23rd 2021

Map Quizzers โ€“ Begin!

1/15  An outline of a country

Can you tell which country this is?

2/15 A moon-based flag

Which country does this map represent?


What country is this?


4/15 This is the Polish flag. One of them is upside down. Which is the right way up?

5/15 A map of Europe

What country have we stuck a big red pin into?


Howdy, pardner! What country is this?


7/15 Which one of these flags is Japan's?


And what's this country? Hint - lots of people live here. And some pandas.


What is the animal on the Welsh flag?


Ok so this is Italy - too easy. But what do people often say it looks like?


11/15 Which of these flags belongs to a European country?


And what country is this?


Hmm. What flag is this?


Alright this is a tricky one. What country is this? Here are some hints... it's in South America, and is the longest and most narrow country in the world. It's name sounds like it should be cold there... but also spicy if you ate it (which you can't, because it's a country)


15/15 Which of these is the real flag of Turkey? A or B?

Ouch... this is a tricky quiz though, so don't feel bad. Have another go?

Ok, not too shabby! You can do better though - fancy another try?

Good job! You were concentrating!

Yeah! High score! Are you a geography teacher or something?