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The World’s Worst Robots!

Maybe the robots won't rise up and take over after all...

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  August 28th 2017

Robots are terrifying!

It’s one of the most terrifying things we can think of. For years, us humans have been creating robots and ordering them about like a bunch of techno-servantsBut one day, their programming will make them realise they’ve had enough and rise as one to enslave all of humanity. It’ll definitely happen one day, right?WRONG!They’re rubbish! Just take a look at these appalling robots!


Look at this sorry excuse for a robot. We don't think even an army of these would be able to fight their way out of a wet paper bag!

ardubegino | imgur


Oh no! Powerbot is coming to get you!Well, as long as you stand really close to it otherwise the plug will come out of the wall...

gabewil | imgur


Robots can be pretty handy around the home. This shower gadget will give your hair a wash and flick your hair about for a whileRefreshing!

Simone Giertz | YouTube


We don't even see what the point of this robot is, unless it was designed to climb the stairs really slowly

Ted-Ed | YouTube


This formidable robot looks pretty fierce and can only be defeated by one thing... rain!

KetanJO | Twitter


Sounds scary, doesn't it? What does it do, then?Oh, just moves around the dining room for a little bit

leah_ss | Twitter

And the most rubbish-set robot of them all... BABY-BIEBER-BOT!

Part Justin Bieber, part baby doll, this robot is absolutely terrifying, isn't it?Imagine if an army of these arrived on the street where you live and started singing and climbing all over your neighbours' cars – actually, that would look pretty funny!

Andrew Maxwell-Parrish | YouTube