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These Are the Best Cartoon Mums

Here are some of the awesome mums behind some of our favourite cartoon characters. Go mums! Woo!

Last Updated:  March 24th 2017
First Published:  March 24th 2017

Queen Elinor

Merida's mum from Brave may seem strict to begin with, but then she turns into a bear!

Marge Simpson

Marge is such a classic mum but she's also got some sweet moves!

Elastigirl / Mrs. Incredible

Nothing's a stretch for this super mum


Tarzan's mum is the real queen of the jungle!


If you think Finn and Jake are cool - you should meet their mum! (She also has an awesome hat!)

The Crystal Gems

Steven's real mum may not be around, but The Crystal Gems are - so basically he has THREE mums!Next check out How to Draw Something for Mothers Day!

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