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These Are the Best Places to Play Fortnite on Mobile!

Fornite has gone mobile. Where would you play it? Here are some amazing ideas!

Hands up who can’t get enough of Fortnite? Now that the hit game has gone mobile, you can play it anywhere – well, maybe not in the bath!

Here are the best places to play while you’re on the move…

1. In school!

Yeah, we know your teacher doesn’t want you to. But what’s more fun? Learning real-life geography or where to land on  the island?

2. In the car!

But if your dad drove fast, you wouldn’t have time to play. Drive slow, dad!

3. At the zoo!

Nobody cares about real-life llamas anymore. Gimme those loot llamas any day!

4. In the Fortnite lobby!

Sometimes it takes aaaages to find a game – so just load up a quick match on your mobile while you wait!

5. At grandma’s house

Take your phone round to show grandma. Just don’t think about what happens if she’s better than you! 

6. At Epic Games’ studio!

They made the game, they know how fun it is! So if you go round like Ali-A did, play some games with them 

7. On a plane!

Sometimes all the in-flight movies are baaaad! You know what’s not bad? Fortnite!

8. Lost at sea!

Maybe you should save your batter to call for rescue… or you could just have a few quick matches!Where would you play fortnite?