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Things That Look Like Ed Sheeran!

It seems that pretty much anything could be mistaken for Ed Sheeran

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 24th 2018

This chin!

It's spooky how alike they are!


This profession Ed Sheeran lookalike

Surely this is just Ed Sheeran pretending to be himself for a few extra quid.

This ball of orange wool!

We imagine Ed can't go into wool shops without an old lady trying to buy his head to make a nice jumper.

That baby off the internet!

This photo of a little girl went viral when people pointed out she looked exactly like Ed. We were fooled for quite a while. 


This roaring fire!

We were stood in front of this fire for ages asking it to sing Castle On The Hill before we realised it wasn't the singer. It was nice and warm, though.

Ron Weasley

Hogwarts' clumsiest student is a dead ringer for Ed, isn't he? Yes, he is.


This bloke!

This Asda employee has to remind customers that he's not Ed Sheeran. The singer is busy enough without having to do shifts in a supermarket. Wearing those glasses probably doesn't help, mind.


The sun!

Fun fact: Ed Sheeran revolves around the earth once a day, just like this ball of fire. Alright, we made that up, but it seems true.

This pretty marigold!

This flower is often mobbed by Ed Sheeran fans asking for an autograph or a selfie. But it can't explain the situation, due to having no mouth. And being a marigold.

Chuckie Finster!

Ed looks like Tommy Pickles' best friend from old cartoon Rugrats. He really does.

This ginger kitten

That's Ed on the right, if there's any confusion