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This 16 Year-Old is the Best in the World at FIFA ’18

Donovan “DhTekKz” Hunt wrecked his opponent to go through to the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 4th 2018

DhTekKz FTW!

Donovan Hunt, whose handle is DhTekKz, won the FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona at the weekend! He had to beat fierce competitors from the PS4 and Xbox One divisions, but managed to defeat them all to come first overall! He beat Gonzalo Nicolas 'nicolas99fc' Villalba in the final match 9 - 3 on aggregate.That shocked a lot of people - and it seems like it shocked DhTekKz himself!


The gauntlet

After he won the final match DhTekKz was interviewed by FIFA expert ChuBoi. He said that when he saw the list of players he'd have to beat to get through to the final, he was worried he might not win. He said: "I was starting to think the competition was a little bit rigged"!

What were his stats?

Over the tournament DhTekKz scored 45 goals against other players and only let in 26! That's a spread anyone would be happy with!He managed to win 5 out of the 7 games he played. How many games out of 7 do you think you could win at a pro tournament like this?

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What does that mean?

The prize for winning is that DhTekKz automatically goes through to the Grand Finals of the FIFA eWord Cup later this year, where he might win a huge cash prize and a place at the Best FIFA Football Awards™!It also makes it much more likely that he'll be signed to one of the huge esports teams! Imagine being paid to play video games...

He's only 16 years old!

DhTekKz is only 16 years old - and a lot of people were surprised that someone so young could have won the tournament!

Who else got through?

Even though he won, there's a lot of other players who got through to the playoffs stage of the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final.  So far, some of the gamers who are through are Gorilla, Hashtag Ryan, Deto, Sakul, and Vfl Megabit. There's gonna be some amazing matches then!

Why did they play the final on Xbox?

On the day of the tournament, the PlayStation Network was down! Talk about bad timing! That meant that instead of playing a match each on both PS4 and Xbox One to make sure no player has an advantage, they had to play both final matches on Xbox instead. Some people said that gave nicolas99fc a disadvantage...