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This Guess The Animal Emoji Quiz Is Wild!

Can you tell the difference between a panda and a crab? Test your animal-spotting skills with this cryptic emoji picture quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 23rd 2022

Emojis have made all our lives much better. There are thousands to choose from, and an infinite number of sentences that could be made more emoji-tastic. But how well do you know the animal ones? Can you correctly identify all of them? If you think it sounds easy - we've found a few ways to make it much trickier! So answer these 10 cryptic picture questions and we'll find out how much you know!


Let's start off easy! What kind of cat is this?


What animal could this be? Click to reveal!


Woah! What's happened this animal? Can you guess what it is?


This emoji animal is wearing a disguise. Can you see through it?


What emoji animal is hiding behind this splat?


What could this blurry one be?


And what's this one?


What animal could own this claw?


Not sure what's going on here. Any ideas what it could be?


Ant or spider? Count the legs!

Ouch! Yikes! This isn't your best work, let's be honest. Do you know where you went wrong? Have another go and see if you can do better next time! And if not, we've got plenty more quizzes about emojis and animals for you to try out!

Pretty decent! This score could be much worse! Well, it could be a little bit better too - but don't worry about it! Can you beat this score on a different emoji or animal quiz? There's only one way to find out!

Yeah! Great work! You really know your animal emojis! Excellent result. You did JUUUUST miss out on full marks though - can you score 100% on a different animal quiz? We have plenty more to choose from so you just pick another and we'll find out!

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Amazing! Incredible! What a score! You really know your animal emojis! You can spot an emoji pig or dolphin from over 100 metres away! Very impressive. Now, can you get another high score on a different emoji quiz? There's only one way to find out!