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This Roblox: Warm Isolation Quiz is Mega Toasty!

Do you know everything there is to know about this Roblox game? Take this extra-cozy gaming quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 15th 2023

There are all kinds of Roblox games out there - but this one is a little bit different! Are you a fan of this surprisingly chilled out hangout game? Snuggle up, get a warm drink, and let's put your knowledge of Roblox: Warm Isolation to the test!

Ready to get cozy? Quiz on, Roblox fans!


Warm Isolation is meant to be... what?

2/10 A man and a sandwich playing a video game

Which of these things can you do in Warm Isolation?

3/10 A bonsai tree

How do you get the botanist badge?

4/10 Someone holding lots of toilet rolls

What do you need to run out of to get the "Helpless" badge?

5/10 A delicious curry smiling at you

What kind of food can you eat in the game?

Roblox | Roblox Corporation via @Catzo | Youtube

How do you order the pizza?

7/10 A pizza with a funny face

How much does a large pizza cost?

8/10 A white cat

What colour is the cat?

Roblox | Roblox Corporation via @Um carinha qualquer | Youtube

What's the cat's name?

10/10 A cola drink

How much does a can of bloxy cola cost?

Roblox | Roblox Corporation

GASP! This is not a very cozy score! You'd better have another go at the game and then come back and try again! If you'd rather not though don't worry - we have lots of other epic Roblox quizzes for you to try!

Roblox | Roblox Corporation

Not bad! This Roblox avatar looks annoyed but actually this is a decent score. You know a lot about Warm Isolation! You missed out on a few right answers though, and didn't manage to get a high score this time. Never mind - fancy having another go? Or try a different quiz?

Roblox | Roblox Corporation

Woah! Very nice! This is a really good score! You must love Warm Isolation! Well done! You didn't quite get full marks though and you just missed out on one or two right answers... but never mind. Do you think you can beat this score on a different Roblox quiz?

Roblox | Roblox Corporation

Amazing! You really nailed this! Fantastic work! Full marks... no improvements to be made here! You clearly know this game inside out. Now, can you match this perfect score on a different Roblox quiz? Let's try another and find out!