From the Archives: Lord Snooty and the Weatherman

From the Archives: Straight from the Beano vaults, Lord Snooty visits the weather clerk

Lord Snooty and His Pals

Lord Snooty made his first appearance in 1938, and was the Dennis the Menace of his day! This strip originally appeared without colour in Beano No. 231, which hit shelves on 06/05/1944. The coloured version was created for Beano No. 2520, on 03/11/1990.

Words: Dudley D Watkins

Check out the full 1990 page:

This coloured version was done by an unknown Beano employee, as the original was just black ink

Lord Snooty - Weather Clerk -  06/05/1944

And the original version from 1944!

This strip was created by the legendary illustrator Dudley D Watkins

Lord Snooty - Weather Clerk - 03/11/1990
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