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14 Question Tiger Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

We think you'll love this wild tiger quiz! Check out our 14 question tiger quiz and see how much you know about the king of cats! Can you get full marks?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 11th 2022

Can you earn your stripes and get full marks on this raw-some tiger quiz? Have a go and see how much you know all about tigers and their cool cat lives! Will you get full mark(ing)s? Good luck!


What markings do tigers have?

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Where do tigers live?

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How many tigers are left in the wild?


How long do they live in the wild?

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Which country has the most tigers?

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What do tigers eat?

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True or false: grown up tigers prefer to live alone?


Tigers are great...?


What's the most common type of tiger?


How much can a tiger weigh?


Which of these other big cats are tigers bigger than?


Which prehistoric animal is the modern tiger related to?


Which of these countries is the tiger the national animal of?


Which of these is endangering tigers?

Easy, tiger! Looks like you're a bit clueless when it comes to tigers, but have another go and see if you can earn your stripes!

Not bad, but we know you can do better! Have another try and see if you've learned anything else about these cool cats!

Well done! You really know your tigers! But can you get full marks next time? Have a go and see!

Rawwrr! You've aced this tiger quiz! Congrats! Nobody knows more about the king of the jungle than you!