Timmy Failure and The Book You're Not Supposed to Have

A round-up of the best books about the world's worst detective - Timmy Failure!

1. Mistakes Were Made

Timmy Failure is like Wimpy Kid meets Sherlock Holmes, except nowhere near as clever! Timmy runs the world's worst detective agency with his best friend (and polar bear) Total. That's right, Total Failure is here to try and save the day, and in their first book they show us what it takes to survive school, avoid their enemies, put up with their friends, and become masters of disguise!

The book cover of Timmy Failure
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2. Now Look What You've Done

In the second book, Timmy has to fight the system in order enter a competition to win whole load of pocket money. In his quest for greatness, he (of course) gets into all sorts of trouble! 

Timmy Failure: Now Look What You’ve Done book cover
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3. We Meet Again

This time, Timmy finds himself at odds with learning, as he comes home with yet another failed school report! Can he get through his trial period at school with the detective agency on the verge of global domination?

Timmy Failure: We Meet Again extract
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4. Sanitized for your protection

Timmy has to hit the road in this gritty memoir as he goes on the run with notorious criminal Molly Moskins

Timmy Failure Book 4
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5. The Book You're Not Supposed to Have

The 5th book came out in September, and is perhaps the funniest in the series! It's the missing case files of mishaps that even Timmy himself didn't want anybody to see 

Timmy Failure: The Book You're Not Supposed to Have cover
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