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To All You Superheroes…

Hey kids, we know things are hard at the moment but we just want you to know - you lot are absolutely awesome!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

To all the superhero kids out there,

You’ve had to put up with school being shut, being stuck indoors, not seeing your mates, having to do rubbish home-schooling lessons – it’s more than a lot of us grown-ups have had to do before! Seriously, you lot are tough!

And all you kids have kept us grown-ups going during the last few months while we’ve been waiting for life to start again and really, we just want you to know how important you are.

So kids… we couldn't do it without you. Forget Thor, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and the rest, it's you lot that are the real superheroes - we hope you remember that, even when things don't seem so super.

But also remember, things will be back to normal soon (yay!) and if you’ve been feeling like you’re struggling at the moment, don’t be hard on yourself - we've got loads of advice on how to beat the stress here or you could always speak to our friends at Young Minds.

Or, if you just want a smile, then hey, here’s some farting animals - because farting animals always make things better.

Keep on being awesome, everyone.

Yours blamtastically, the Editor