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10 Question Tofuu Quiz: Are You An Expert?

Think you know this Youtube superstar and epic gamer? Think again! Answer these questions and we'll see how much you really know about Tofuu!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 27th 2022

He's one of the most recognisable gamers on Youtube, with his hilarious style and huge collection of tips and tricks! But do you know everything there is to know about him? It's time to find out - take this highly scientific quiz and we'll tell you if you're a real Tofuu expert!

What are you waiting for? Let's get quizzing!


Let's start off easy. What game does Tofuu play most of the time?


Where is Tofuu from?

@tofuu | youtube

Which of these is NOT a real video on Tofuu's channel?

@tofu | instagram

Tofuu's first name is Hayden but he goes by a different name. What is it?


What does Tofuu's Roblox avatar look like?


Tofuu's name is based on tofu, a type of food. What is tofu made of?

@tofuu | instagram

What's his most popular video?


Tofuu also makes comedy hip hop freestyles. True or false?

@tofuu | youtube

When did Tofuu start gaming and making videos?


Which of these SMP's has Tofuu worked with?

@tofu | instagram

Bah! Did you think this quiz was about the delicious pressed soy bean curd? Too bad! Better try another quiz and see if you can do a bit better!

@tofu | instagram

Pretty good! You can do better though - have another go? Or there's plenty of other Youtuber quizzes for you to try! Let's see if you can beat this score!

@tofu | instagram

Very well done! This is a great score! Excellent work! You didn't quite get 100% though - do you know where you went wrong? Anyway - how about having a go on a different Youtuber quiz?

@tofu | instagram

Woah! Full marks! Fantastic score! You really know loads about Tofuu, and didn't fall for any of our sneaky trick questions! Well done! Now, can you get full marks on another Youtber quiz as well?