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Top 10 Robot Animals!

Check out these awesome robot animals! They're so cool!

Top 10 Robot Animals!

Check out these awesome robot animals! They’re so cool!

10. Festo Smartbird Robot

This robot bird looks so real!Its wings twist and flap so it can land and fly!

9. Festo BionicANT Robot

These robot ants can talk to each other!They can even make decisions on their own!

8. Chip the Robot Puppy

AW! It’s so cute!The puppy can listen to your commands and learn tricks!

7. Spot Mini Robot

This robot looks and moves a bit like a dog!It can even clean up and put your rubbish away! We want one! 

6. Spider Robot

Now that’s creepy!It was made with a 3D printer.  

5. BionicKangaroo Robot

This awesome Kangaroo robot uses energy stored from jumping to jump again! Clever!

4. Butterfly Robots

These robot butterflies are so beautiful!They’re made so they can’t bump into things!

3. Robot Snake

This robot snake is so cool!But it doesn’t just look awesome… It’s designed to save people from dangerous places humans can’t go. 

2. Cheetah Robot

This guy can run as fast as Usain Bolt!He can even jump!

1. BBC Spy Robots

WINNERS!These incredible robot animals look just like the real thing!They were made to secretly film animals for a TV show!

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