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Top 10 Weirdest Pokemon!

Here's our list of the more unusual characters in the Pokemon world!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 24th 2016

1. Hoopa Unbound

This legendary creature starts off as a cute little jokester, but transforms into this! It has five hands but no arms, just holes for them to slot into. That means it keeps a hand in the middle of its chest!

2. Trubbish

This Pokémon is rubbish. No, really, it’s a bag of rubbish with a face. That’s it, that’s the whole Pokémon!

3. Wailord

It’s the biggest Pokémon in the game, but this massive whale doesn’t swim like you’d expect. They float on top of the sea like beachballs, but why?

4. Pumpkaboo

This ghost/grass type would be pretty spooky if it didn’t look like your pet cat was stuck in a Halloween pumpkin!

5. Magmar

Let’s be honest, its head looks like a, ahem, bottom. That’s weird enough, even before you notice Magmar looks just like a duck set on fire.

6. Malamar

The weirdest thing about Malamar isn’t the fact that it’s a walking psychic squid bird, it’s that to evolve into it you have to literally hold your 3DS upside down!

7. Burmy

This little worm hides itself by rolling around in whatever it can find, it doesn’t care if that’s leaves, sand or even rubbish on the street!

8. Mega Mawile

They say two heads are better than one, but what if those heads are actually your hair with big pointy teeth? We’ve heard of a bad hair day, but this is ridiculous!

9. Ludicolo

It’s a pineapple, it’s a duck, it’s a lilypad, it’s Ludicolo! This dancing doofus is pretty funny, but seems like it’s going through an identity crisis!

10. Mega Slowbro

If getting bitten on the tail wasn’t bad enough, Mega Slowbro has been completely taken over! How does it even stand up?

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