Make a Fart Noise - Fart Sounds and How To Make Them!

Ever wanted to know how to make a fart noise? If so, you've come to the right place! Our pro will show you how to make a fart sound - with five to choose from!

How to make a fart noise, you say? Well, our fart pro is here to help you out. Today you'll learn how to make a fart sound. We invited voiceover f-artist Grant Leet to give us a guide to creating funny trouser-tremblers.

Yep, this video will give you all the tips you need to make some seriously funny fart sounds yourself!

So if you can't wait to prank your pals with some bonza bum-rumbles, check out the video.

Don't want to make fart sounds yourself? Think there should be a computer to do that for you? You're after our Fart-O-Tron fart soundboard - simply hit a button, or several buttons, and let the whiffers rip.

Let us know which of Grant's farts you found the funniest in the poll below!

Make a fart sound - long and loud

Long and Loud

It's a classic whizzpopper - but does it get your vote?

Make a fart sound - the squelcher

The Squelcher

This one's super gross AND super funny! Will you give it a thumbs-up?

Make a fart noise - the squeaker

The Squeaker

It's a sneaky, squeaky bottom-burp - is this your thing?

Make a fart sound - the rumbler

The Rumbler

This is a serious fart - but are serious farts the way to your heart?

Make a fart sound - the world's funniest fart

The World's Funniest Fart!

It's scientifically proven to be the funniest fart ever - but does it tickle your funny bones?

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