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Top Squishy Makeover Tips!

Squishy makeovers are pretty amazing. From grubby or broken squishies to lovely, colourful new-looking squishies! There's so much you can do! Check out this video for some top squishy makeover tips!

It’s amazing what a bit of paint and glitter can do…

Whether you’ve got squishies that need a makeover or if you just want to update some squishies in your collection, these makeover tips provide some great advice on how to make your squishy way cooler than it already is.

For example, did you know that painting a squishy white first will make the colours you put on top stand out way more? If you like that tip, you’ll love this video.

And don’t worry, even if your squishy is broken, you can maybe fix it!

Check out the video for our top squishy makeover tips!