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7 Top Tips and Tricks for! is a great game about eating dots and growing – but it’s harder than it looks! Here’s our top tips to be the best snake!

1. Choose your controls

If you’re playing on a computer, you can choose between mouse or keyboard controls. But on a tablet or phone you’ll have to use touch. 

2. Watch the map!

The map tells you where all the delicious dots will be found!

3. Be aware of bigger snakes

If you’re a little snake, you can grab dots easily when a big snakes dies. Go get that sweet aftermath!

4. Circle other snakes if you can

The best way to get other snakes is to wrap round them – just don’t get wrapped yourself!

5. Dash when you need

It makes you smaller, but dashing is a great way to beat other snakes

6. Don’t get distracted!

It’s easy to get lost looking at all the different coloured snakes

7. You can’t win forever

Unless you’re superhuman, you won’t be the biggest snake forever – have fun while it lasts!

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