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9 Top Tips for Exploring in Terarria

Become a pro Terarria explorer with these awesome tips!

1. Be careful at night

Like in Minecraft, the harder monsters come out at night. Find shelter!

2. It’s all about crafting

Your Work Bench is handy, but build yourself a Furnace and Iron Anvil too!These let you craft MUCH better items.

3. Make friends!

If you build extra houses, other characters will move in. They can sell you items, help you fight, or just tell you about the world. 

4. Stay out of the Corruption!

Until you’re strong enough, stay AWAY from this purple wobbly menace. 

5. Mind the gap

Other than monsters, huge falls are your biggest problem. Build bridges! 

6. Keep crafting better gear

You won’t get very far with a Copper Shortsword!Keep exploring, mining, and making new stuff! Go for a Golden Pickaxe early. 

7. Make ranged weapons

Bosses like the Eye of Cthulu are much easier with shuriken or a bow. 

8. Turn on the lights

Exploring caves and tunnels is tons easier if you stock up on torches!

9. Have fun!

Terraria can be super hard, so remember that it’s supposed to be fun!Take a break or look up a guide if you need more help!

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