The Best YouTube Pranks!

Your favourite YouTubers doing the funniest things!

Bedroom balloon prank

Joe Sugg is at it again! This time he's decided to fill his friend's room with thousands of balloons!

But that's not all...He's got his friend and YouTuber Oli White to hide in the balloons dressed as a scary clown! UH OH! He jumps out on him as he goes into the balloons! 


Joe Sugg's balloon prank

Prank call

Our favourites Zoella and DailyGrace come together to do a prank call on their friend!

They call up and DailyGrace pretends that she works at the hotel their friend is staying at. 

They tell her that there's been a mix up and that she will now have to share a hotel room with a random stranger! 


Zoella and DailyGrace make a prank call

Water bottle prank

The Ingham Family are at it again with another hilarious prank! 

Mum, Sarah, has told the girls that she has been practicing a magic trick where she can make a coin move into a bottle of water without opening it!

She pretends to perform the magic trick, and tells the girls to look into the bottle to see the coin...BUT IT'S A PRANK!

She squeezes the water and squirts it in their faces! Hilarious!

The Ingham Family water bottle prank

Spider game prank

Oli White is pranking his mates with this terrifying Arachnophobia virtual reality game!

You'd think that putting them through that would be enough...But not for Oli!

He tickles them with things to freak them out and then steps it up a gear with a giant fake spider

He scares them by putting the fake spider on their hands and lap!

So funny!

Giant fake spider prank

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