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Totally Amazing Underwater Dogs Video!

There's a strange new underwater video doing the rounds, so we decided to take a closer look.... is that Chewie we see... or Donald Trump?!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  October 2nd 2017

Here's a video of an Afghan hound having a dip in a pool

This video is amazing. This Afghan pooch looks like a hairy jellyfish or something

klarna | Instagram

Or is it Chewbacca?

We've always thought that the Wookiee needed a bath at some point during the Star Wars series

klarna | Instagram

Or could it be Taylor Swift?

Have you ever tried to sing a song under the water? It's impossible – but Taylor Swift makes it look so easy!

klarna | Instagram

On second thoughts, that might be JoJo Siwa

This YouTube star's hair bow is a dead giveaway. We would have left it on the poolside, but that's just us...

klarna | Instagram

No, it must be Harry Styles

Hairy Styles, more like. At least Harry has his eyebrows in this video

klarna | Instagram

Is it us or is that Zoella?

She must be testing out waterproof make-up for one of her YouTube videos. How's the mascara holding up, Zoella?

klarna | Instagram

Alright, so it's President Donald Trump

The President of the United States of America is known for his luxurious hair. It looks much longer when it's wet, doesn't it?

klarna | Instagram

Our mistake, it's clearly Gnasher!

Ah yes, who else could it be, other than Gnasher – aka the greatest dog ever? We hope Dennis has brought a towel

klarna | Instagram