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The Tottenham Hotspur Quiz of the Year!

How well do you know Spurs? Test yourself with this epic footy quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  October 13th 2022
1/33 Tottenham Hotspur's Son in FIFA 23
EA Sports

What is Son Heung-min's player rating in FIFA 23?


2/33 Which International side does he captain?

3/33 Emerson Royal of Spurs

In the summer of 2021, Emerson Royal joined the club from Barcelona for Β£25.8 million! How many Beanos could you get with that?

4/33 The Premier League logo

What position did Tottenham Hotspur place in the Premier League 2020-21 season?

5/33 Harry Kane in a Spurs shirt
Harry Kane in a Spurs shirt

Which sports brand makes Tottenham Hotspurs' kit?

6/33 A football manager holding a match ball

Who was appointed as Tottenham Hotspurs' manager in November 2021?

7/33 A football in the back of a goal net

Who was the teams' leading goalscorer in all competitions in 21-22?

8/33 A diving goalkeeper

How many goals did Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane score for England in the Euro 2020 tournament?


How many Premier League points did Tottenham Hotspur win during the 21-22 season?

10/33 Norwich City badge

Tottenham Hotspur won the last game of that season, defeating Norwich City. by 5 goals to 0.True or false?

11/33 A smiling football in a big stadium

Who did Tottenham Hotspur defeat on the first day of the 22-23 season?

12/33 A referee

What was the score?

13/33 A person with a reflection of a football in their eye

Which team did Tottenham face in the first match of the 22-23 Europa League?


What number shirt does Harry Kane wear?

15/33 Kane's number 9 shirt in front of goal

Does he wear the same number for England?

16/33 Tottenham Hotspurs' new ground

Tottenham Hotspurs' new ground was opened in 2019. What is the ground's name?

17/33 A dragon swooping over a sports stadium

What other two sports took place at Tottenham Hotspurs' stadium during the 21-22 season?

18/33 A burst of colour

What colour is Tottenham Hotspurs' away kit shirt?

19/33 Two elderly football fans in Spurs scarves

The 22-23 season marks how many seasons in the Premier League for Tottenham Hotspur?

20/33 Spurs goalkeeper

This is Spurs' French goalkeeper. What's his name?

21/33 A person holds a trophy aloft

How many times have Spurs won the FA Cup?

22/33 Spurs mascot

What is Spurs' mascot called?

23/33 A cat in goal

What does the club's motto 'Audere est Facere' mean?

24/33 A map of London

How far away is Spurs' new stadium from the original one?

25/33 A football fan in a blue and yellow scarf

Who are Spurs' biggest rivals?


What part of London are Tottenham Hotspur from?

Tottenham Hotspur FC

What's the animal on the Tottenham Hotspur logo?


Complete the lyrics to this Spurs song.Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur...

29/33 England badge

Who captained the England team in the 2018 World Cup?


Who's the Spurs greatest ever goal-scorer? Hint - they scored 266 goals in their career!

31/33 Tottenham Hotspur stadium

Whereabouts is the Spurs stadium?

32/33 An American Football player

The Spurs stadium sometimes hosts NFL matches. True or false?

33/33 A person thinking about football teams with a field in the background

Which of these is NOT a nickname for Tottenham Hotspur?

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