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This Travis Kelce Quiz is Taylor-Made for NFL Fans!

How much do you know about this legendary Kansas City Chiefs player? This test will challenge even the biggest NFL fan!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 16th 2024

You may of heard of NFL star Travis Kelce in recent months – that’s because he’s a Super Bowl winner and dating one of the most famous singers in the world. But what else do you know about this Kansas City Chiefs player? Test your knowledge with these 10 trivia teasers!

1/10 A bear next to a map of the USA

Where was Travis Kelce born?

2/10 A Kansas City Chiefs player

In which year was he born?

3/10 Kansas City Chiefs badge

In which year did he begin playing for Kansas City Chiefs?

4/10 An American Football on a chalkboard background

Which position does he play?

5/10 A dolphin and an American football

How many times has he been part of a Super Bowl winning side?

6/10 Numbers from 1 though 9 and zero at the end

Why does Travis play in the number 87 shirt?

7/10 A pop singer

Which pop star is he currently dating?

8/10 The NFL shield

Travis holds an NFL record for the most career post-season receptions. How many though, as of February 2024?

9/10 An Eagle symbol

Which NFL team does his brother Jason Kelce play for?

10/10 An American Football commentator

How do you pronounce Kelce, anyway?

Result: Oh no!

Oh no! What happened there? You fumbled the ball and cost the game. Why not have another go – you might do better next time!

Result: Good try

Good try! You know a bit about Travis Kelce but not enough to get a high score. Why not try again? You’ve got this!

Result: Good try

Great work! You know loads about Travis Kelce and this is reflected in this super score. Well done.

Result: Good try

Wow! You got a perfect score. This can only mean one of four things: you’re actually Travis Kelce or you’re his brother Jason. You could be Taylor Swift, even. Or it simply means you’re the boss when it comes to NFL quizzes!