Travis Scott Quiz!

How much do you know about this American rap superstar? Take the quiz and test your Travis trivia!

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What is Travis Scott's real name?


Which of the following is not one of his nicknames?


Who did he name himself Travis after?


Which university did he study at before pursuing a music career?

Image by Cactus Jack Records and Grand Hustle Records

He released his third album in 2018. What was it called?

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Which of these do you have YOUR OWN account or profile for?

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Image by Fortnite | Travis Scott | YouTube

In which game did Travis Scott perform virtual live concerts in 2020?


Which song did he release with Kid Cudi following these online shows?


Travis has a daughter with which celebrity?


Travis Scott celebrates his birthday on April 30. What day of the year is that?

Image by @travisscottlaflame | Facebook

If a copy of the Beano is 1cm high, how tall is Travis Scott in comics?

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